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tv   [untitled]    May 4, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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e and capable. >> there is a motion and a second with conditions think outside the box that more than motion. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards and commissioner fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes national anthem to 6 and commissioner that place you on our final agendized item at possible street a conditional use authorization. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the commission carlly grove planning staff the item is a request for establish a restaurant within the possible district to expose 25 hundred square feet and to conduct an outdoor area with the square feet grocery stores at the ground floor the proposed
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routine right away restaurant has a pizza and cafe and rooftop restaurant and would only be assessable to the market the proposed restaurant includes a basement level kitchen to support those restaurants on the upper floors that is not available otherwise the total area of the restaurant use is 68 hundred square feet as a bona fide beer and sale for wine they've proposed a square feet roof deck for the patrons for spargs between the restaurant no alcohol served or permitted in the seating area to date the board received hundred letter of support and one from an opponent
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and one phone call requesting the hours of operation be limited and an that - and neighbor that wants to insure the groceries use is not limited some of those communications were received avenue our packet was the delivered the department recommends it with approval the market occupies 11 thousand plus vacancy space on the corner of possible and clay providing gods and services and the project will provide outdoor amenity for patrons and the project meets all reminded the planning code park and rec department's i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> project sponsor please
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>> okay hi, i'm chris the founder of the market again 3 months ago i was the ceo i found someone that forgot about the grocery business and when we talk about this market we talk about restaurant but food services and people eating there i think you've been to common market and the market on market in the twitter building it is surrounded by people eat it is how people are eating we started this our main focus was community and we worked with 5 different neighborhood gloo goodwill and united players with when we opted 40 percent of the local hires were from here in the job
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market it is about local and the grocery store and about rebuilding a store that used to be would like worth and the big apple and market any questions? we may have questions for you >> perfect. >> opening it up for public comment i have 3 speaker cards john patty and another speaker. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and commissioners dawn i'm the chair of the middle polk neighborhood association our neighborhood wants a grocery store other this prominent corner the neighborhood is okay with the creative use of the
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extra space at this location this location is two small to be a full sized grocery and two larger for a - we don't seek alcohol plays but keeping retail is important to us we have stated to this commission on many occasions that we want to keep our retail and we want to be consistent and i ask you commissioners for advice how to do so quoting with the very unique case again staying consistent with those who come before us and ask this in our neighborhood we like a commitment i've talked about with the project sponsor to control alcohol the previous owners of this location does
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have a tendency 0 over sell to homeless people they'll drink and give up and repeat and grouping give up and repeat we want no heating elements on the roof we think as the cold comes in people will leave with the roof and the noise problem behind i'll be curious to other noise abatement plans they modestly might have for the roof we would to understand they have agreed to put trees on that polk side of the building and have agreed to keep the large part on the side of the building we're happy we would like to know how they're to go about doing
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dliefrdz in polk street in the current setting and how polk street will change in the near future i'd like to understand that a little bit more and we note that the market commit to caring organic affordable products we look forward to calling them our neighbor thank you commissioner i'm frank on the board of new hope association i want to make a companion on the outstanding outreach the prnlz did they had a meeting had to be over a i don't know at their location neighbors were noichltd probably 20 some people their excited about the project spoke at the last september or october mowing and again in march
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everybody that was at the moot is exist about the market being there the only concerns i've heard they've been stated here are about noise levels off the roof deck in the evening and i'd like to throw out we may a beautification fund we support the project and ask for you approval. >> we have one more speaker card madeline. >> hi yes founder and director of the organization for possible that's been around over 2 years with a pretty healthy following we work for vital for the whole polk corridor and also intend
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that this year should happen co-sponsoring to sustainability and the most forward thinking for urban infrastructure my own background i'm a former architect and worked in edison for years we welcome the market the owner and his staff are very, very community oriented and very pleased they're going to reach out some suggestion may offer the roof for community fefrtsz events the concern about noise reduction i'm not concerned a lot of establishment opened late and very noisy in the neighborhood already i know that being the good citizens they appear to be that the market is going to be mindful my own request that about more than happy if they stipend their
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hours yes. i have invited their other establishment it is extremely well run a great service for the neighborhood. >> okay is there any additional public comment okay seeing none commissioner moore. >> i have a horse in this race not that i live with any conflicting away from the project but i live on gray street 5 blocks away actually i do have to see or is that is a great project and look forward to it filling an underutilized corner over the years the uses couldn't hold the corner and the area is changing to the extent that new residential and more people are moving in it is a good time to triangle late traders joe's and whole foods
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and speciality chose store in the area and add a grocery store with the offering proposed in that location there's one thing i wanted to express concern about that is because residential you're on the rising hill it is right overlooking the rooftop there's needs to be sensitive to the noise in the evening i often take the bus at the corner of polk and clay and when i'm in the bus stop it is dead silence because there is no noise if you move into the residential area and i think we need to be aware of not adding noise and not adding light pollution we have many people looking at otherwise a dark revolver and large footprint to not adding heating
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lamps to being on the roof at night i will strongly support and it gets cold because of the fog comes into the fog place and i think dealing with the dpishtd light on the revolvers after 10 is really important but on the other hand, during the day at noon from 10 to noun and 3 to 4 a fabulous place to get a tan if at an is in our vocabulary you go there it is really warm and fine so a good compliment climate the uses proposed are great i'll fully support of the project there is one letter i'm not sure if the applicant i received a letter someone
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talked about concerns of the handicapped accessibility to the basement and exiting the letter that came in today i would like you to look at it and be aware someone wrote that about two or three hours again and that particular thought t is important to you it is a requirement i want to mention it to you. >> we have a 5 stop elevator it is torturous. >> i don't know about the details i want to brought to my attention so we've dot all the i's and cross the t's. >> we didn't want a roof deck the community wanted did roof deck that roof deck is super extensive and really extensive really, really extensive we the it we have no desire for that roof deck we've actually had
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people are yoga places we spent so much money go get a suntan actually that raft roof deck is not mine idea. >> the roof deck is funny the hill goes up and the one store building from polk street literally becomes only eight or ten feet high over the sidewalks it looks kind of crappy may i say that crappy unattractive that many trerpgdz on the roof deck. >> we put if you look at the picture on the screen we did with mitigation measures that is one of the most expensive roof deck that's a torturous and awful. >> we look forward to seeing it as patio major attraction for
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people to come to. >> i want to mention about alcohol and people cringe the 10th of the market we have full support of the police department we don't serve drunks thank you very much. >> commissioner antonini. >> i'm very supportive aesthetic the one thing that was brought up in comments like the property owner or pardon the change in elevation a low building remit to the building on the south and actually as the buildings on i know what the street going up clay i believe so it makes the deck visible and my suggestion you're saying that's an expensive deck if you did something along the deck
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that created a cornice and screened the deck from the street a little bit more because you know, i think that that might make that blend in a little bit better and not a big addition and then some of the choices on there look a little bit out of control i don't understand it is not dry and not invite that should be done very easily by putting something softer it is going to be hot during the day and you may need areas that provide shade for people that are up there and something you know a fountain or smogs that is soft maybe flowers make that a little
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bit more attractive i appreciate you're doing the deck that is a neighborhood kwoethsz but everything else looks at good to me. >> commissioner hillis i think the creative use i'm surprised we're not getting a mixed use project on housing a nice change of pace but i'll move to approve. >> second. >> commissioners there is a motion and a second to approve commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero commissioners that place you on general public comment i have no speaker card. >> any general public comment
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this earning okay seeing none meeting is adjourned good afternoon well quh
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to the april 24 special meelting of vision zero. i'm your chair kim and joined by commissioner uas well as mar and wiener and believe that commissioner farrell will be joining us shortly. thanks to s
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[inaudible] i want to recognize josh alexander for doing that and the clerk steve stamose >> roll call commissioner farrell, absent mptd kim, present, mar, present. wienerprint, u, present. >> thank you. mr. clerk can you iletm number 2 >> iletm proapprove minutes of march 12 >> colleagueerize there comments on item number 2. do weed nee to do roll call? at this time we'll talk public comment on item 2. seeing none public comment is closed. okay. relevant to the item?
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absolutely. >> [inaudible] good people together. if you imagine something like [inaudible]
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>> thank you. is there any other public comment on item number 2? seeing none public comment is clezed. colleagues we vamotion. can we do that without objection? >> roll call vote >> item 2 commissioner farrell. absent. kim, aye. commissioner mar, aye. commissioner uaye. item passes >> item 3 vision zero update this sooinformation item
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>> thank you. at theb last vision zero committee meeting it came up in committee that the board wanted to have a understanding of how new revenue but also existing ruv new are being spent specifically for vision zero projects and we know there is new revenue that has come in. one that is largely been programmed which is prop a capital bond, but also prop b set aside for population growth authored by dmigzer wiener. i think this committee as we push forward on vision zero project jz efforts throughout the sit a would like a understanding oaf how new revenue is spent to support the board and city policy priority. we have staff from sfmta who will provide highlights for 2015 and 16
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budget. we also do have staff from sfcta who will describe how the fiscal year 2015 and 16 work program also supports vision zero. there was a strong interest in get agdetailed budget so the board could provide feedback before this finally comes before the budget committee and at the last meeting it was clear we need a separate meeting dedicated to this item so i want to recognize tom mu gire to present and candous sue [inaudible] we'll have ana [inaudible] present on behalf of the county pranz transportation. >> good afternoon. that you
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can chair kim and supervisors. as you said we wanted to give a company hence chb picture of the funding sources for vision zero and give a sense what we believe we have funded and where we have funding gaps that may be of interest of you as we enter the budget season. i'll start by reflecting back on the 2 year action strategy that all the agencies came to agreement on released in february of this year and that is guiding our action over the 2015 and 16. i'll talk about how the 2030 family sources prop a and b fit into supporting vision zero. i'll go through all the e, engine oaring enforcement, education evaluation and talk about what is funded in 2015 and 16 and go and talk about-we
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have a couple funding gaps and finally we'll rap up with a summary of fiscal year 2015 of vision zero content. to go through the funded program jz gaps, i'll draw attention to had education and communication. that is why candous sue is here to talk about the needs look like in that area and what we as the vision zero team would like to accomplish. so we said in the 2 year action tratagy by the end of 2016 we want to institutionalize all the vision zero. all the stuff in 2014 and 15 should be institutionalized and put on a funded basis and by the standard way of doing things.
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a porntd erpart of the vision zero is the t 20/30 family of [inaudible] prop prop aism prop a will generate 500 million dollars for transportation improvement and that breaks down into 200 million dollars over 10 years for transreliability and then 300 million dollars for straight safety and vision zero. many nof investments we make [inaudible] are doing thing tooz the street like adding signals and bulbs and improving cross walks, basically double bang for the buck. it improves things for you and makes it safer for pud dustrens and all users. there is also 26 million dollars annually created by prop b, which is by
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broken out 75 percent transit reliability and 25 percent for street safety improvements. when we talk about the overlap between prop a funded work and prop b work and vision zero scope, this is a map overlaying the mune irapid network with vision zero hi injury corridors. it is hard to seethen screen. that is 7 and a half miles of the high injury network overlaps with streets making investments. streets like mission and van nes and 19th avenue new, when we do the muni projects will get the pedestrian and traffic safety investment. prop a and b fundsing i have broketen out
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what we plan to spend in fiscal year 2016 for these fwo funding sources. it breaks down to 9 million for [inaudible] and 6 and a half for prop b money. those amounts are important and want to [inaudible] the 9 million dollars we are asking for and planning on spending from prop a is probably the lowest the number will be. we use the prop a money to fund ready to go capital improvements to the streets that were not already funded to do the 2014 projuctsism projects. we found 9 million dollars [inaudible] when i come back and give this presentation in future years that number will only